Alexander Tekle

Alexander Tekle

I am a third year computer engineering and math student at the University of Texas at Austin.

My interests broadly include novel real-world applications of deep learning and stochaistic modeling.

This summer, I'll be working as a Software Engineering intern at Google and conducting NLP research with Dr. Jessy Li.


Incoming Software Engineering Intern
Google | Sunnyvale, CA | Summer 2020
  • Working with Google Pay
Incoming Research Assistant
University of Texas at Austin | Austin, TX | Summer 2020
  • Research in computational linguistics at UT Austin
Software Engineering Intern
Google | New York, NY | Summer 2019
  • Decreased latency of serving ads by implementing asynchronous read/write machine learning models
Engineering Practicum Intern
Google | Mountain View, CA | Summer 2018
  • Rehauled the children sign in/sign up flow UI on iOS, Android & web for Google Families